3 Good Things Notebook


A core Baggage Reclaim practice is using writing to connect with your feelings and thoughts through various journaling activities. One of the self-care activities that I task clients and students of my courses with is getting into the habit of jotting down ‘Three Good Things That Happened Today’ or ‘Three Things I Accomplished Today’ or ‘Three New Things I Learned About Me Today’.

I adore these gorgeous notebook journals by Rachel at Lollipop Designs. She mixes colour, shapes, pattern and metallic accents in all of her products (I buy her wall planner every year without fail) and as soon as I saw her Three Good Things journals, I had to have them in the shop.

Printed in England with gold foil-blocked details, these cute-sized journals are available in four designs – colourful confetti, geometric, mint hexagon and pink heart. The inside pages are designed for maximum flexibility so you can use them in lots of ways. E.g. holiday journal, diary, gratitude diary, happiness log… Plus, they’re undated so you can fill it in as often as you want to.

When our self-esteem isn’t too hot, we’re not in the habit of internalising our accomplishments, achievements, talents, and positive characteristics. We don’t notice the small things or much of what is going on in our lives. It’s time to make a connection. If you’ve thought about journaling but worry about time, a Three Good Things notebook is just the ticket. Short and to the point but a great habit to establish for general all-round feel-good positivity.

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