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Embrace Healthy Boundaries


Change your life in a month by learning how to enjoy more respect in your relationships.

Are you sick and tired of feeling like a doormat but don’t know where to begin with improving your situation?

Do you pride yourself on being kind, giving, loyal, good etc., and yet you’re secretly grappling with reoccurring feelings of blame, shame, resentment, anxiety, frustration, helplessness and more?

Do you have boundaries in some areas but really struggle in intimate relationships due to fear of conflict, criticism, rejection, disappointment and abandonment?

Feel as if you’re good at the self-care until you start dating, and then your boundaries and everything you learned from previous experiences goes out the window?

If you answered ‘yes’ to just one of these questions, it’s time for you to embrace healthy boundaries so that you can live and love with confidence.


  • A powerful concept for understanding and living your boundaries that will transform not just the way you interact with others but will also clear out resentment, frustration, anger etc., so that you can take down walls and finally move on from painful experiences that have impacted your attitude to boundaries up to this point
  • How you can be boundaried even with somebody who seems allergic to boundaries, as well as how to redefine relationships that have typically stressed your self-esteem
  • The signs of unfair and unreasonable behaviour and situations, plus how to get clear about what does and doesn’t work for you, and the ‘tells’ that let boundary busters know that you’re a viable option
  • How to recognise and act upon the helpful messages from your body
  • How to have your own back with a supportive mindset so that you can own your boundaries instead of selling you short
  • How to communicate your boundaries with love, care, trust and respect (and without ever having to utter the words “My boundaries…”), even when somebody is wearing down your last nerve or you’re quaking on the inside due to fear of Dynasty-levels of drama

£97 (approx US$121, EUR 113) | Next start date March 8th

You will receive a login for Baggage Reclaim School where you can access the full lesson and any materials related to it. e.g video, audio or worksheet. The course is rich with guidance and tools but is specifically designed to minimise overwhelm and to give you insights and practices that you can crack on with applying.

You have access to the course material for 12 months. Need longer? No problem. You will be offered the opportunity to extend your access for a further 12 months shortly before the course is due to expire.

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