30-Day Project: Tune In To Your Inner Voice (& Calm Your Inner Critic)



  • Do you have a critical, mean-spirited, overbearing or mocking voice that shows up each time you experience something good, or just as you think about or attempt to step outside of your comfort zone?


  • Do you have a lot of ‘shoulds’ and other internal rules that really aren’t rules, that you follow despite the fact that they’re holding you back at work or in your interpersonal relationships?


  • Do you still carry parents, bullies and other so-called authority figures in your head that boss you around and have you feeling compelled to obey for fear of reprisals?


  • Are you eager to move forward with your life after a setback only to have negative chatter reminding you of your mistakes and calling you a ‘failure’?


  • Do you struggle with Imposter Syndrome, where regardless of your qualities, characteristics, talents, accomplishments and achievements, you feel like a fraud on the verge of being ‘found out’?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you need to tune in to your inner voice because your inner critic is eroding your sense of self and disrupting your relationships and experiences.


  • The 8 types of inner critic including The Pusher, The Shamer, The Perfectionist and The Guilter, who work solo or like a tag team with others, the origins of these ‘backing tracks’ and how to start taking command of this conversation so that you can heal and move forward
  • How to differentiate between your inner critic and your inner voice so that you stop missing your inner wisdom and overriding your gut in crucial times in your life
  • What fear is all about and how to harness this feedback so that you stop being overwhelmed and derailed by it
  • How to ease up on perfectionism, curb praise hunger and overcome fear of criticism
  • How to use the ‘feedback’ from your inner critic to your advantage
  • Strategies for bringing your inner voice to the fore so that you can liberate your true self and nourish you with self-care

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