Affirmations & Personal Commandments Bookmark


Over the years I’ve shared empowering mottos in the form of affirmations and personal commandments on Baggage Reclaim. They are key reminders to not only act with love, care, trust, and respect at the heart of your relationship with you and others but they also underpin some pivotal truths that help you live and love with your self-esteem in tow.

Sometimes we forget what we are worth and the very basic things we need and deserve in order to feel like a worthwhile, valuable person and to also have a mutually fulfilling relationship – forget no more!

This bookmark features affirmations and personal commandments on each side including, “Own your own and let others own theirs”, “They’re just not that special”, “Be you”, “I trust my higher self” and “Don’t fear no”.

Keep this bookmark in your diary or favourite book, or even send one to a friend who has forgotten how fabulous they are due to heartbreak or being too hard on themselves.

Produced from 400gsm board and finished with a matte laminate.

This Bookmark also comes free with Natalie’s best selling paperback books – Mr Unavailable & the Fallback GirlThe No Contact Rule and The Dreamer & the Fantasy Relationship.


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Dimensions 17.3 × 5.5 cm

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