Curbing Your Obsession, Get Out Of Stuck Guide & How To Self-Soothe Quick Guide (3 eBook Bundle)


Curbing Your Obsession

In this detailed Quick Guide, I explain obsession, where these feelings and thoughts are coming from and what you’re trying to achieve when you keep repeating the cycle of behaviour and thinking, along with tips and tools to help you move forward. [Read More]

Get Out Of Stuck Guide

This is the Baggage Reclaim process for homing in on unhealthy beliefs and associations that are keeping you stuck in a pattern that isn’t working for you. If you’ve taken many rides on the disappointment cycle and are wondering how your thinking is affecting your attitude and choices, this is the guide for you. This guide takes a compassionate look under the hood of beliefs and helps you to uncover the motivations and past experiences that are driving you today. [Read More]

How To Self-Soothe Quick Guide

This Quick Guide was created for students of my Baggage Reclaim School courses, with many citing it as being invaluable as it’s designed to help you to get into the process quickly. It includes suggestions as well as prompts to help you brainstorm ways in which you can comfort you as well as promoting an honest conversation about the things that are actually dragging you down. [Read More]


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