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Exhale, Embrace, Enjoy badge


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Exhale, embrace, enjoy is something I have encouraged Baggage Reclaim readers to do for most of its ten year journey.

Exhale – Breathe out, fully. Recognise where you’re holding your breath in life due to feeling tense and living on the edge. Release those stress and anxiety feelings.

Embrace – Give you hugs on a regular basis, especially when you’re feeling a bit down but also to acknowledge when you’ve done something great. Embrace who you truly are rather than shying away from or even rejecting it.

Enjoy – Notice you. Notice life. Notice the good things. Appreciate you. Love you through all seasons and conditions. Show up in your relationships and interactions so that you can enjoy them from an authentic and relaxed placed rather than judging you.

Designed by Natalie, this 38mm badge (American term is ‘pin’) is in warm pink with white text.

In stock

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