Facing Regret Journaling Guide


“If I could turn back time, if I could find a way!”

Cher sang these words back in the eighties to lament her inability to go back in time and take back everything she regretted doing to the object of her affections. Hindsight, of course, gives us 20:20 vision hence why we experience regret. As humans, we will all experience and move on from this, but why do some of our regrets cause us to feel paralysed about how to move forward or have us going round in circles in a relationship or situation long past its sell-by-date>

Well, it’s because the way that we’re looking at things is the problem. We’ve got used to telling the story in the same way and beating ourselves up. It’s very possible that we think we’ve blown something or that we’ve ‘lost’. It’s wounding when we feel and think like this, and it sends us into a vicious cycle that knocks our sense of self. So what can we do instead?

In my Facing Regret Journaling Guide, I help you to compassionately interrogate your regret with a series of journaling prompts so that you can adjust your perspective enough to begin healing and feeling better. Acceptance, not of incorrect stories, but of what really happened and who you really are gets your engine going again. You stop feeling stuck and start moving forward. 

In the guide, you’ll discover

  • Why the very thing that you think shouldn’t have happened might be precisely the right thing that needed to happen
  • What persistently regretting something can be a cover for
  • Questions to help you look at the same story you’ve maybe told yourself a thousand times in an entirely different way

You will receive:

  • Facing Regret Journaling Guide (PDF)
  • Facing Regret Journaling Guide (MP3 audio version – 41 minutes)
  • Journaling | Tips To Get You Started (PDF)
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