Transform Obsessing with Self-Compassion


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Are you tired of going round in circles with your thinking?

Frustrated because it feels as if you “shouldn’t” be thinking about something “after all this time”?

Saddened because of things that you’ve said or done as a result of not being able to mentally and emotionally walk away from something?

It’s easy to feel as if you’re strange for going through these thoughts and feelings but actually, you’re only human and what’s needed in order to break this cycle is to bring awareness into the equation which can only happen with self-compassion.

Get Out of Stuck: Transform Obsessing with Self-Compassion, is a 90 minute video that takes you on a journey of understanding how obsession comes about, the factors that can cause you to be vulnerable to obsessing (it’s not because there’s something ‘wrong’ with you), and the absolute need for compassion-driven habits to break the pattern and transcend the experience. I also share some of my own experiences with obsessing and guide you on how to begin the journey to healing.

Along with the video there’s an audio version, the slides from the video, the transcript which is effectively an ebook in both PDF and ePub (for mobile devices), the Curbing Your Obsession guide ebook, the Unsent Letter Guide and worksheet plus a Releasing Exercise worksheet.

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