How To Break Up – The Scripts


  • A selection of adaptable scripts for short involvements, casual relationships, when they’re a ‘lovely’ person, long-distance, incompatibility, when they don’t agree, and affairs.
  • Scripts and tips that deal with sticking points like articulating your needs, not feeling the same way, being unhappy about something that happened, not being over your ex, significant differences, emotional unavailability, name-calling and more.
  • Scripts that suit texts as well as email or verbal conversations.
  • Plenty of tips to help you approach breaking up with a mindset and attitude that reflects love, care, trust and respect.

If you don’t know what to say, find that you’re saying too much or too little or find the break-up process very daunting, help is at hand. In more than a decade of coaching people through their breakups and other sticky situations, I’ve become familiar with where we tend to get stuck. Many people spend their time analysing their relationship or obsessing about how to avoid hurting the other person’s feelings or how to avoid conflict and criticism. The result? More angst, stress, tension, frustration, hurt, anger, resentment and going back and forth. Or they don’t leave or opt for ghosting. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’ve put together a series of scripts to suit a plethora of situations, and my guide essentially coaches you through the practicalities of breaking up.

Please note that these scripts don’t cover asking for a divorce although the advice will certainly help with articulating issues.

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