How To Say No: The Scripts


How To Say No: The Scripts: Over four hundred scripts to help you say no when you need, should or want to.

Saying no is something that so many people struggle with. At a time when so many people are experiencing anxiety, burnout, overwhelm, toxic stress, persistent guilt and resentment, as well as depression, learning when and how to say no is pivotal to our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. But where do we start when we’re so used to saying yes and dealing with the fallout later, and when we’re unsure about what terms like boundaries, self-care, self-love and boundaries mean in the first place?

Cue How To Say No: The Scripts. Coaching you through a plethora of situations, I will teach you to say no when you need, should or want to so that you can create healthy boundaries, respect and nurture your bandwidth, and be more you.

From straight, no-chaser no’s, to no’s with reasons, to no with family, friends, co-workers, bosses and love interests, to situations like money, making a complaint, dealing with pushy people, and having low bandwidth or struggling with your mental health, I’ve created 400+ scripts that you can use as is or tweak to suit.


What you will get

  • 400 scripts for face-to-face, over the phone or text/email.
  • PDF (all devices and can print out) and ePub (file for ereaders/apps excl. Kindle)
  • Tips and guidance for a variety of situations
  • Your self-respect and confidence

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