More Ideas Than Time notebook


If you’re a creative or somebody who has a busy mind and plenty of ideas, you likely recognise that feeling of frustration that comes with not being able to get ‘everything’ done. When we feel like this, it’s easy to berate ourselves, to feel overwhelmed and under-accomplished, or to even slip into a comparison spiral but we must remind ourselves that it’s OK to have more ideas than time. Rather than give you a hard time for something that’s a gift, embrace that busy mind and get into the habit of writing down as much as you can so that you can.

In June 2014, I delivered the closing keynote at Blogactular, a conference for creatives and “More ideas than time… and that’s OK” really resonated with the audience.

The More Ideas Than Time notebook is made from recycled has a litho printed 280gsm kraft cover and has 36 plain pages made from 90gsm uncoated recycled paper. Made in the UK.

You can watch that keynote speech here.

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