‘Notes’ & ‘Note To Self’ A5 & A6 Notebooks


NOTES and NOTE TO SELF notebooks, are new additions to the Baggage Reclaim collection of notebooks.

I’m a great believer in the therapy of writing and jotting down notes about your day or what’s in your head so that you can grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge. I journal on most days as form of self-care and mindfulness and writing out your feelings and thoughts is one of the key self-care practices of Baggage Reclaim.

These A5 and A6 size 36-page notebooks are sized for using on-the-go. Brain dump ideas, journal, doodle, keep a Feelings Diary, write Unsent Letters, calm down a busy head – fill it with notes from you!

Made in the UK from recycled paper.

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Notes – Blue A5, Notes – Yellow A5, Note To Self – Bright A5, Note To Self – Pastel A5, Notes – Bright A5, Notes – Pastel A5, Notes – Bright A6, Notes – Pastel A6, Notes – Blue A6, Notes – Yellow A6, Note To Self – Blue A6, Note To Self – Yellow A6, Note To Self – Bright A6, Note To Self – Pastel A6, Sets: Notes – Blue A5 & Note To Self – Bright A6, Sets: Notes – Yellow A5 & Note To Self – Pastel A6, Sets: Note To Self – Bright A5 & Notes – Blue A6, Sets: Note To Self – Pastel A5 & Notes – Yellow A6