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Take care of you. Become more of who you really are. Let your life flourish.

Reclaimer Membership is a subscription for people who want to break habits that have affected their relationships and self-esteem. If being more assertive, improving your overall sense of self, and enjoying more loving relationships are at the top of your agenda, Reclaimer Membership will help you to become more consistent at self-care and to up-level different areas of your life.



In these video classes, we take a deep dive into common issues that Reclaimers struggle with, such as how to stand up for themselves, how to overcome blind spots in dating and relationships, how to feel more of your feelings, and how to break a pattern.


Making it easy to get to grips with a subject quickly, there’s a selection of audio/video courses that take as little as an hour to pour through tricky subjects like anxiety and self-forgiveness.


There’s a wealth of tip sheets, worksheets, workbooks, journaling guides, cheat sheets and e-books included with your membership, including books from my store like 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim, Love, Care, Trust & Respect, and How To Self-Soothe.


Your membership includes some of my most popular courses — Embrace Healthy Boundaries, Tune In To Your Inner Voice (& Calm Down Your Inner Critic) and How To Break Up. Worth £97 each.


My monthly Q&A sessions are an opportunity to have the equivalent of a monthly consultation with me. Annual members also receive additional sessions.


I have a wonderful secret Facebook group where you can enjoy peer support from other members and get to hang out with me.


Enjoy discounts in my store, save at least 25% on courses like Break The Cycle and live workshops, and receive invites to member events.


I created the membership so that critical components of your well-being such as boundaries, values, self-care, how to love yourself, stop being abstract concepts. I offer mindset shifts, tools and practices to help you figure out your life. Learn how to listen to your intuition, to discern your values, and to create the necessary boundaries so that you can be, do and have the relationships, opportunities and things that allow you to become more of who you really are.

Please take a moment to read the Reclaimer Membership T&Cs (opens in new tab).

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