Stop Settling For Less! A Needs Masterclass


  • Are you trying to find a partner or establish boundaries in an existing relationship but struggle with the ‘how’?
  • Does just thinking about ‘needs’ or the idea of communicating them to someone trigger anxiety or fear of appearing ‘needy’?
  • Have you been involved with emotionally unavailable people or in shady relationships, or settled for whatever you can get?

You’re not ‘needy’ for having needs; you’re human!

In my two-hour online workshop, I will teach you the real deal about settling, how to recognise and meet your needs, and how to go from worrying that the sky’s going to fall down if you have needs and putting everyone else first, to gradually building your confidence to take care of you. When you stop settling for less, you make way for the people, things and situations that reflect the life you need, desire and deserve.

Sunday 21st February, 3.30 pm GMT on Zoom. Replay available. 

The early-bird price is available until 17th February but book early to avoid missing out as spots are limited. 

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  • Have a pattern of being with emotionally unavailable or shady people and keep wondering what you’re ‘doing wrong’?
  • Want to be able to meet and articulate your needs in your day-to-day life but have no idea where to start?
  • Been in relationships, jobs, friendships, and situations where you’ve subsisted on crumbs, felt lost, taken advantage of, unheard, overwhelmed, anxious and more?
  • Pride yourself on being ‘low maintenance’, ‘low drama’, ‘easygoing’, giving, ‘not a burden’?

If any of this sounds like you, join me for Stop Settling For Less!, my online workshop about how to meet your needs from a place of love, care, trust and respect. I’m here to tell you straight off the bat that whatever you’ve been experiencing isn’t about you not being ‘good enough’. It’s a healthily meeting your needs issue–and you can learn how.

You’re not alone.

So much of what we’ve learned to do as humans, like the people-pleasing, avoiding conflict, papering over our feelings with niceness, the perfectionism and over-responsibility, is incompatible with valuing and noticing ourselves, never mind meeting our needs. It’s why there’s a worldwide mental health crisis, increased loneliness, and so many people waking up to their true selves and their purpose, career, creativity and what they need and want from a relationship after going through a crisis.

We’ve had to figure out our needs as we go along, and often, we don’t realise that we’re bumping up against problems because of the need for us to finally start taking care of and be ourselves.

Understanding your needs is pivotal to your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing as well as the health and wealth of your relationships and choices. The more you know and can meet your needs through your actions and choices, the happier, fulfilled and healed you are.

In this two-hour online workshop:
  • I’ll break down needs and help you distinguish them from wants.
  • I’ll teach you how to utilise your feelings and past experiences to recognise the messages about your needs.
  • We’ll work through a powerful process that helps you understand your specific needs, including identifying the neglected and the disruptive and sometimes over-attended-to ones from the past that wreak havoc on your relationships, work and confidence.
  • Learn steps for articulating and meeting your needs from a place of love, care, trust and respect.

The class also includes support resources and access to the replay.

The next session takes place on Sunday, February 21st at 3.30 pm (GMT)–check your timezone.

The early-bird price is available until 20th February but book early to avoid missing out as spots are limited. 

After you place your order, you will receive an email with your receipt, plus another explaining how and when to access the class.