The Anxiety Sessions


Do you sometimes feel as if your body is failing you by being anxious when you just want to be okay or ‘normal’?

Do you engage in habits of people-pleasing, perfectionism, overgiving, over-responsibility or overthinking?

Are you confused or in the dark about why you are anxious in certain situations?

Have you talked yourself out of doing something you wanted to because of anxiety?

Do you feel as if you ruined a relationship or opportunity because of your anxious behaviour?

Anxiety is a normal, valid and necessary emotion, but for many, it spells problems and doom. Understanding why anxiety is showing up and the origins of your habit of responding can help you to reclaim yourself from what might feel at times like a paralysing emotion. Over seven sessions, I share healing insights into anxiety and offer tips and tools for breaking the cycle of how you respond to it.

What you get with your purchase:

  • 7 X audio sessions (mp3) 1 hour 33 minutes
  • Support guide with tips and journaling prompts.

Topics covered include:

  • Why we learned to respond to anxiety in the way that we do, including factors that contribute to a habit of under- or over-responding to it
  • The specific reasons why we’re anxious and responding with paralysis or the likes of people-pleasing and perfectionism
  • What your anxiety is trying to communicate to you, including what it’s telling you about your inner state, what you’re doing or what’s going on around you
  • The two specific things that anxiety calls on you to do and ways that you can respond proactively and lovingly
  • Tactics for taking care of you and living your life in such a way that it heals old anxiety patterns and reduces anxiety in your life

This class, like any I teach, isn’t medical advice, nor is it a substitute for it. If you have an anxiety disorder (or believe you might), these sessions don’t cover this subject. It doesn’t mean that you won’t find the information useful, particularly around the possible origins of your anxiety or what anxiety is asking you to do, but it does mean you should seek professional support.

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