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You’re trying to get over your ex, yet you’re still in touch and have ended up being their back-up plan. Maybe you haven’t left yet, but you want to and just don’t know how. Maybe you’re tired of doing the lather, rinse, repeat of getting back together and winding back at square one.

It’s time to cut contact.

The No Contact Rule is an inspiring guide to extinguishing the temptation to stay in touch or to keep engaging, helping you to reclaim your sense of self and move on to a healthier relationship.

I’ve helped thousands of people break free from unhealthy relationships and breakups after using No Contact to kick a toxic relationship and transform my life. Discover what ‘NC’ is and how to do it, how to break an unhealthy cycle and navigate various situations – from Facebook to pesky texts, working together, sharing a child or feeling trapped by your feelings and thoughts. Cut contact and put the focus on you. By treating you with the love, care, trust and respect you deserve, this could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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This is the 2nd edition of this book and is more than double the original size. For a detailed description, see The No Contact Rule book page over at Baggage Reclaim. Please note that not all items that are available with this purchase are available with other formats.


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