Unlearning Not Loving Yourself: A Self-Love Masterclass


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Do you feel confused about what it means to ‘love yourself’?

Are there times when you feel as if you’ve been doing self-love and yet your life doesn’t seem all that different?

What about when you feel as though the things you need and want are further and further away because you think that you don’t love yourself enough to have them yet?

If you’re not entirely sure what self-love means, you’re far from being alone. None us learned about it at school, and we’ve only recently experienced some societal shifts in attitudes around wellbeing and self-esteem. It’s easy to read, watch or listen to something or someone say “You need to love yourself”, but putting that into practice can feel confusing and, at times, like you mustn’t be ‘doing it right’.

Clients, members, readers and listeners seek me out for clarity and support about how to love themselves because, of course, learning to love ourselves¬†is crucial to the health and wealth of our lives. But… it just isn’t a lot of the confusing messages we’ve received about it, and it also doesn’t have to be so complicated and pressured.

Think of Unlearning Not Loving Yourself as an introduction to shifting to a love, care, trust and respect-driven lifestyle.

In this masterclass (taught on Zoom and also recorded), I will dispel some of the misconceptions about self-love, and share mindset shifts and actionable steps to help you come from a place of self-love. The last 20 minutes is a Q&A session.

The live masterclass takes place on Wednesday, September 23rd 2020 at 7.30 pm (BST). Check your timezone. If you can’t attend live, don’t panic. You will get the replay and the option to submit your question. The class also includes access to the replay.

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Out of stock